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The Satellite Phone Specialists

Satellite Telecommunications to keep you connected everywhere you go.

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On the Top

Alaskan Satellite Phone Company

Fast, same day service.

Get your satellite phone active and ready in a few minutes.

We manage our SIM cards in house. 

No middle man. Everything is done at our office.

Exceptional Customer Support 

Get support from our agents at our local office.


We go above and beyond to answer all your questions to provide the best experience and keep your devices up and running.​

Buying or Renting

Which one works better for you?

Let us help you determine that to make the right choice

Find accessories in stock

We keep a regular stock of basic accessories for your satellite phone.

Most back order items will arrive in a week or less

We offer several solutions based on your needs. Let us help you choosing the right devices and or services.


Why Us?


Ask your friends/family.

Our long time customers have referred us to their loved ones.


No one in Alaska offers better customer service / tech support than us.


We are local.

Stop by our office or call us.


No different time zones, business hours, call centers, or out of state offices.


Competitive Pricing.

Our prices compare with other companies in the lower 48.


If you see a different price let us know so we can work something out with you.


Knowledgeable People.

Our staff uses Iridium devices while on recreation.

We have the expertise you need.


Let us help you decide which device works best for you. 

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The Satellite Phone Specialists

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