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Be ready for your next remote adventure or project.


We offer the Iridium 9555 model for voice and SMS.

Inmarsat BGAN HNS 9201 for satellite internet. 

Other accessories such as bear fence, external antennas and more

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Iridium 9555

We understand your satellite phone could be a lifeline while remotely, with this in mind we chose to keep it simple. 

We consider that the Iridium 9555 is the most reliable satellite phone to rent, it is easy to use and provides basic voice and SMS communications.


Why getting a device that requires a smart phone to work or it is hard to setup for emergency communications? 

We do not rent other complicated devices because we want you to have a phone that will be fast and reliable to use when you have an emergency or you need to communicate in a timely manner.


Our rentals provide worldwide coverage. Our packages come with two batteries, waterproof case and other accessories at no additional cost!

When you pickup the rental we will give on site training, in addition to that all of our rentals come with a two page easy to follow instruction sheet so you and anyone in your party can quickly learn how to use the phone.

If we are shipping the phone to you the rental contract does not start until you receive the phone. We ship anywhere in Alaska and the lower 48.


Call us now to setup a reservation, it's free of charge and we do not require a deposit. 


You can also download our RENTAL RESERVATION form and email it to us at

Get our rental rates brochure HERE

Inmarsat BGAN



BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) enables users to access email, the internet, corporate networks and send large file attachments over a secure connection at speeds up to 492 kbps. also allows users to make telephone calls from almost anywhere including where traditional technologies don’t reach.

With BGAN setting up a mobile office in a remote location takes no time at all! it operates using a new generation of the most advanced communication satellites ever launched by Inmarsat.

BGAN is accessible via a range of small, lightweight satellite terminals. Terminals are robust enough to withstand challenging environments.

BGAN Benefits:

  • Simultaneous voice & broadband data.  Access data applications and make phone calls at the same time.

  • Easy To Use.  No technical expertise required to set-up.  Simply plug in a laptop and/or phone, point to the Inmarsat Satellite & you are connected!  Same device can be used worldwide.

  • There are terminals that enable an instant wireless LAN, so that remote teams can share a single BGAN connection.

  • Optional guaranteed streaming data rates to suit your application; such as video conferencing.

Here at Surveyors Exchange we offer the Hughes HNS9201 terminal for rent. 

It has an integrated Wi-Fi router so you can connect up to 11 devices wirelessly. Easy to setup and use, the terminal will automatically link to the network and request a data connection.


It comes with all you need: Terminal, rechargeable battery, pelican case, ISDN adapter, AC adapter and  Analog phone.

Inmarsat service is limited in Alaska, if you wish to get this service please give us a call to check for availability in the area where it would be used.

For our rental rates brochure please click HERE

For more information about BGAN

BGAN Overview

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