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Multiple options for your different needs. Choose from basic devices that offer just SMS and talk to high end devices that offer all you need for complete telecommunications.

Satellite Phones

Iridium offers different models depending on your needs.

Models include Kyocera SS-66K, Motorola 9500, Motorola 9505, Iridium 9505A, Iridium 9555, Iridium Extreme and Iridium GO.

Handset models Kyocera SS-66K and Motorola 9500 offer voice services and incoming SMS (text) messages depending on the firmware version. These models are only available used and are not longer in production.

The Motorola 9505** and Iridium 9505A offer voice, and outgoing and incoming SMS (text) messages. These models are only available used and they are not longer in production.

Iridium 9555 and Extreme. These are the latest handset models they offer voice, incoming and outgoing SMS (text) messages, and data.


In addition the Iridium Extreme model offers tracking, SOS button, coordinates. The phone is dust proof, shock proof, and jet water resistant.

Please click HERE for more detailed information.

** the handset needs to have an updated version of the original firmware that will allow it to send and receive SMS messages. If not, the handset only allows incoming messages.

Satellite Internet

You need data? You got it.


With the new Iridium Certus service the possibilities are endless. Setup a remote office for a small project or a team, access the internet while in the middle of nowhere, run your business remotely, access weather and other data while sailing or many other applications. 

Iridium Certus terminals are easy to use, offer multi user capabilities, are accessible via Wi-Fi, capable of IP data sessions up to 700 kpbs, have voice capabilities, are weather resistant and offer functionality for Android and iOS, among other options.

For recreational users or individuals Iridium offers the Iridium GO and data connections for satellite phones that are cost effective.  Available services are weather, text email, sending/receiving small pictures and basic web surfing. 

Other options include skyfile mail, SBD, tracking and M2M services.

For more information please click HERE

Satellite Communicators

Small, durable and portable devices that offer SMS messaging, tracking, maps, routes, navigation, weather, GPS and emergency services.

Garmin In-Reach communicators

- Mini

- Messenger

Garmin handheld GPS 

- GPSMAP 66i & 67i

- GPSMAP 86i

- Montana 700i

- Montana 750i

- Tread for Off-road vehicles

Zoleo Satellite Communicator

- SMS Messaging and text emails


- Tracking

- Weather

For more information please click HERE

Push to Talk PTT

Push to talk without limitations. 

Global Push to talk in your hand.

Only Iridium can deliver push to talk fast, simple, and adaptable to evolving situations with the power of Iridium's global satellite network.

With the world's farthest reaching network you can communicate instantly wherever you need without the expense and limitations of traditional ground base towers and repeaters.

With Iridium, the entire world is your network. Coverage areas are anywhere Earth meets sky no limits, no compromises and no infrastructure to build.

Additionally, the Iridium push to talk devices are lightweight and fit in the palm of your hand. There is no backpack antenna or heavy equipment to slow you down.

Please click HERE for more detailed information.

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